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Kitchen Safety

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for children. Here are some tips to get you started:
  1. When cooking, all pot handles should be turned inward so your child can't reach them. Use back burners whenever possible. Stove knobs that are within your child's reach should be child proofed with stove knob covers. Appliances which continually catch the baby's attention (i.e. the oven) can be latched shut with appliance latches that are easy opened by adults.

  2. Microwave burns are typically caused by spilling hot liquids or food. Keep hot foods and liquids away from young children.

  3. Install latches on all drawers and cabinets accessible to your child which contain potentially harmful items. Keep glassware, knives, appliance cords, placemats and tablecloths out of reach and away from the edge of counters and tables.

  4. Poisons or toxic materials should be locked up or placed high out of baby's reach. Wash out cleaning product containers before putting them in the trash -- just a drop of cleaning fluid can cause serious harm to a baby.

  5. Plastic wrap, dry cleaning plastic bags, shopping and garbage bags should be kept from your child, due to the possibility of suffocation and/or choking.

  6. Be mindful of small appliances. Keep toasters, coffee makers, phones, and microwave cords out of reach. Your child can easily pull the cords and be injured by the appliances falling on them.

  7. A fire extinguisher should always be kept in the kitchen.

Kitchen Checklist:

Cabinet magnetic lock

Appliance locks

Stove knob covers

Electrical outlet covers

Anti-Slam drawer latch

Stove Guard

Fire extinguisher
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