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Baby's Room

Here are some tips to get you started:
  1. Place the crib in the right place. If you must place the crib by a window, make sure that all cords are tied up properly out of the babies reach and the windows are locked. Windows should not be able to be opened more than 4 inches to prevent your child from falling out the window. Overhead shelves can also be a hazard, once your child begins to stand.

  2. Electrical covers are critical in this room. The best type is the installed version. They feature a cover that can swivel away to plug in an item, but snaps back into place when the item is unplugged. This type is harder to figure out for little hands, and you never have to worry about forgetting to plug the plastic cover back in! It is also important to cover electrical outlets that are behind the crib which your child can reach through the bars. Cover any power bars with power bar covers.

  3. When changing the baby, always use the safety strap and keep one hand on baby at all times. Do not leave the baby unattended on the changing table for even a few seconds. Don't underestimate a baby's ability to wiggle and roll off a surface in a moment's time.

  4. Young children love to climb on furniture and use drawers and shelves as steps. However, children can sustain crush injuries as furniture can easily tip over on them. Secure tall bookcases, shelving, and unstable heavy furniture to walls (into studs) with furniture brackets and/or anchors. Test furniture for stability, especially for tall pieces or if item is positioned on thick carpet. For furniture with drawers, open bottom 2-3 drawers and press down on open drawers to test for tipping. When storing items, put heavier items on bottom shelves and in bottom drawers. To prevent your child from climbing on the dresser drawers, install child safety latches.

  5. Tall lamps should be removed or blocked by furniture to keep from baby.

  6. Cover all sharp edges with soft child safety corners.

  7. A wooden toy box should have a lid support to prevent injuries.

  8. Spring or solid door stoppers with plastic cap can be pulled off and are a number one choking hazard. They should be replaced with a one-piece safety door stopper.

Baby's Room Checklist:

Blind cleats for blind cords

Door stoppers

Electrical outlet covers

Power bar covers

Child safety furniture anchor

Soft child safety corners

Anti-Slam drawer latch
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